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National Australia Bank was one of the notable absentees from the list of partners Google announced when they spoke about the launch of Android Pay in Australia this year, and it turns out there was a good reason. No, NAB didn’t have their heads in the sand, but rather they had their own NFC based solution called NAB Pay coming and it’s available now on Android (and it looks good!)

NAB Pay only supports NAB Visa Debit cards at this stage, and requires a handset running Android 4.4 and NFC with an active internet connection to work. NAB has announced they are working on adding a NAB Pay solution for NAB credit cards, but there are no time frames at this stage. We note that CommBank took a while to add support for credit cards to their NFC payment solution as well.

There’s a number of security options for NAB Pay, instead of simply requiring you to open the NAB app and enter your PIN. You can make payments pin-free if you choose ‘Quick Pay’, or you can choose to secure your payments with a NAB Pay passcode – a four digit pin you can set up for mobile purchases.

NAB Pay can be used one of three ways:

  • From the lock screen – simply turn on your phone’s screen and unlock (if secured) to use your phone to pay.
  • From the NAB App by selecting the NAB Pay option, where you’ll be prompted for your passcode first.
  • From any app, and you’ll be returned to your app once you’ve completed your payment.

If you forget your passcode, of course, you can reset it from within the NAB app quite easily.

Screenshot 2016-01-24 at 7.55.58 AM

To use your Visa Debit card in the app, simply update your Android app from Google Play, then choose the Add Card option. You’ll be taken through a few introductory screens telling you how the service works, before being prompted to select your chosen NAB Debit card to use. You can then select Quick Pay or Passcode to Pay, before NAB sets up your virtual payment card.

Once set up, simply follow the on-screen instructions to either pay from within the app or from within any app (depending on your security settings).

NAB Pay is covered by the National Australia Banks ‘NAB Defence’ security promise, but the ultimate security is your PIN, so if you want protection NAB recommend you use a PIN. If you have a NAB Visa Debit card, download the latest NAB Android update today and setup your card today.

Chris will be trying this out this morning and will report back.

NAB Mobile Banking
NAB Mobile Banking
Developer: NAB
Price: Free
Source: NABGoogle Play.
Thanks: Lex.
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    Would like to see the app at least allow me ro check my accound balance on my rooted S7. It will be easier to just change banks instead.

    Dave Hayes

    Works well with samsung s6

    Oliver Ward

    Having tried this for the last few days i’ll say it’s patchy at best. Only seems to have any chance of working if you open up the app first, even then it only seems to work part of the time. I figure if i have to pull my phone out of my pocket, unlock the screen, then open an app, then open another part of that app, how is that any more convenient than just taking out my wallet and taking out my card….


    Funnily enough, I’ve had not one issue using NAB Pay; it works everywhere I’ve tried it — petrol stations, Coles, restaurants, Kmart, Target, Woolworths etc. Haven’t (yet) found somewhere that it doesn’t work first time — simply turn on the phone’s screen, hold it to the terminal, and bam. It works.

    Oliver Ward

    Yeah, not with me. I stand there at the checkout like a complete goose while it fails to do anything, then get out my card.


    *You are using a modified version of android…* anyone have any luck using on a rooted device?


    Same issue. NAB is always a few steps (years) behind. CBA supports modified firmware and credit cards. NAB, as usual, is way behind the 8-ball.


    For me, not supporting credit cards is a good thing; it means I have to make extra effort to use credit instead of my own cash … that way credit only gets used when it’s actually needed.


    I am rooted and using an unsupported device (Xperia Z1)

    Jamie S

    No luck on the 6p but my Note 5 is good.

    Gareth Edwards

    Nexus 6P not supported?1 For God’s sake really

    James Licciardi

    I don’t think internet is required? When looking for the supported device list, I believe I read something about not requiring internet?

    Paul PJ Connolly

    It uses nfc, does ur credit card need internet?


    How unhelpful. From what I understand it needs internet to generate a token. Even if not there’s also the whole thing about Host Card Emulation. It’s not just bog standard NFC


    Sony Xperia Z5 is not supported as yet.


    CBA master race

    Andrew Palozzo

    I will straight up open a credit card with the first bank that does Android NFC payments properly. The fact this is proprietary built and doesn’t work with nexus 6p means NAB won’t be getting my business.

    Paul PJ Connolly

    Was waiting and waiting 4 the app 2 update on my phone. For offered this morning, paid Barber and red rooster on my phone (moto x) already. Works a treat!

    Steve Brain

    Using numbers instead of “for” and “to” doesn’t save time, but it does make you look foolish.

    Paul PJ Connolly

    WTF does that have to do with the NAB app? Trolls everywhere…


    Says it requires Android 4.4. Did they seriously only design it for the Windows Vista of Android or did they mean 4.4+?


    Pretty sure they mean 4.4 or higher; I’ve got it working on LG’s G4 running Marshmallow and it works just fine.

    Stephen Crisafulli

    Anyone see a list of supported phones, I hate when a company dose this, release a feature that only some people can use. What is this 2013

    Jamie S

    The following devices will support NAB Pay:

    Nexus 5
    Nexus 6
    HTC M8
    HTC One
    HTC One M8 Dev Edition
    HTC One M9
    Moto X (2nd Gen)
    Samsung Galaxy Note 4
    Samsung Galaxy S3
    Samsung Galaxy S4
    Samsung Galaxy S5
    Samsung Galaxy S5 Dev Edition
    Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
    Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+
    Samsung Galaxy Y.


    What about Galaxy S7/Edge? I assume nothing has changed internally?

    Jamie S

    Not sure but you would think it would get added to the list


    Still waiting for ANZ to come up with a solution baah.

    vijay alapati

    Keep dreaming, i was with them Till last year and moved to Common Wealth, using tap and pay from 6 months and was always happy.
    Remember Android pay Will not work on rooted phones ?


    No joy on my nexus 6p (obviously) but the Samsung Note 3 went without any problem.


    Mine says ‘We’re sorry error has occurred. Your card can’t be set up for NAB Pay at this Point”, how annoying! My phone is compatible and I have a NAB Visa Debit.


    I have to say what pisses me off the most is ever android phone Sam Sony HTC LG is built on stock android, how the hell is stock android not compatible with stuff like this. Cmon NAB.

    Paul PJ Connolly

    My Moto X is stock and worked fine.

    Steve Brain

    It’s probably the NFC chip itself, maybe the 6P is slightly different somehow? Who knows, NAB is always behind the times anyway.


    will be trying on my LG G3


    Good luck to Chris. My device (Nexus 6P with Android 6.0.1) is apparently not supported. The link they provide of supported devices goes to a dead page.

    Ben Lovelace

    Yep. Same problem here.

    Alexei Watson

    Same here. They probably started writing the code when 4.4 was released.


    Explains why NAB isn’t onboard the androidPay bank list.


    does not work with the nexus 6p.