Adding a Chromecast to your home entertainment is a really cheap way to add some great functionality. With the looming spectre of a Chromecast 2/Chromecast Audio launch on the horizon, it seems retailers have begun looking at clearing stock.

Bing Lee has taken the lead in the clearance stakes, dropping the price to a mere $38, though JB Hifi, The Good Guys, Officeworks and Dick Smith are close behind offering the Chromecast for just $1 more at $39.

While a Chromecast is pretty simple and there’s little to go wrong it is worth noting (for anyone who missed it) the financial issues DSE are currently experiencing could make purchasing anything from them a bit risky. Whatever path you choose, head to your preferred local store and grab yourself a bargain while you can; there is no direct indication how long this special price will last.

Is $38 a price that will entice you to purchase a Chromecast or are you waiting for round 2?

Thanks: Seb Mitchell.
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Couldn’t wait for too long and bought the second version for $80 on eBay just last week. I’ll be pretty pissed off at Google if they’re released at much lower price.

Phill Edwards

Any idea what the new ones will cost?
Also, have to pick you up on “little to go wrong”. While that might be true hardware-wise, I have found them to quite buggy in operation, and I’m not the only one.


> Is $38 a price that will entice you to purchase a Chromecast or are you waiting for round 2?

Obviously $38 was a valid deal back when it was the only one around. As it is EoL stock should be down at ~$20 and I certainly wouldn’t touch it at $40.

What we really should be seeing is HEVC 4K capable chromecasts – not incredibly delayed 2s. Maybe we can look forward to real improvements by the time of I/O ?

vijay alapati

Binglee had this for $33 last week for click and collect and $38 for delivery