Kantar World Panel Dec 2015
The market share of the various mobile platforms tend to have an ebb and flow each year, with both iOS and Android ceding and gaining ground on each other. Analysis firm Kantar World Panel has released their latest results for the three months leading up to December 2015 and Android has made some ground back.

According to the latest results, Android has now reached 53.5% market share in Australia, up 9.8% from the same period in 2014 where Android saw only 43.7% market share. The results also show market share for iOS, which sits at 39.6% market share, down 5.5% from the previous year. Windows Phone makes an appearance, with 6.3% market share – a drop in market share that Microsoft can ill afford of 2.9%.

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Even with Android leading the market share stakes, it’s not a huge surprise that Apple holds the top two places for most popular smartphones sold in that period. The results for top selling smartphones in the 3-months leading up to December 2015 are:

  • iPhone6s: 16.5%
  • iPhone 6: 7.1%
  • Galaxy S6: 5.7%
  • iPhone 5s: 4.3%
  • Galaxy S5: 3.9%

Though the top five selling phones are considered ‘premium’, the results also show that lower end phones like the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime and Galaxy J1 are gaining share quarter on quarter.

Regarding the results, Tamsin Timpson, strategic insight director at Kantar Worldpanel ComTech Asia said

The iPhone 6s was the top selling device in the 3 months to Dec 2015 with its share making up 16.5% of smartphone sales – however, during the same period a year ago, the iPhone 6 made up 25.4% of smartphone sales, therefore, exhibiting a comparatively poorer performance of the iPhone 6s.

Loyalty for Apple in the 12 months to Dec is 87%, up 1%pts compared to a year ago, whilst Samsung’s loyalty is stable at 70%.

There’s nothing really to be gleaned from this at a consumer level, but it’s still an interesting look at where Android stands in terms of market share in Australia.

Oh, and if you’re interested, Blackberry still has 0.3% market share in Australia – Go BBOS!

Source: Kantar World Panel.
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    coldspring22 .

    Iphone holding top two place is not huge surprise at all! Out of all the phones in IOS eco system, how current generation phones many are there? Iphone 6S and 6S plus. That’s it. Now on the Android side, we have hundreds if not thousands of Android phones in current generation world wide. Probably more than dozens are available in Australia.