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Waking up in the morning to check your social media feeds and finding your favourite band played a gig in your home town is frustrating. Google is trying to help you keep track of which bands are currently touring our country with their ‘On Tour in Australia’ focus in Google Play Music.

From local acts such as Frenzal Rhomb, Troye Sivan, Dallas Crane and Boy & Bear to international recording superstars like Elton John and even Weird Al Yankovic, the ‘On Tour in Australia’ focus in Google Play Music has a good listing. It’s not comprehensive – Elton John has left the country and is putting on shows in Vegas – but it sure did prompt me to check for Weird Al tour dates.

The focus has been updated for January and was around last month as well, so it appears this focus could be a good one to keep an eye on if you’re into music. Check it out now on Google Play Music.

Source: Google Play Music.