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The limited edition Humble Bandai Namco Mobile Bundle has gotten even better value with two more games being added to their premium tier.

The Humble Bandai Namco Mobile Bundle still comes with Crush the Castle, PAC-MAN Kart Rally, and Flight Control for those paying a $1 or more, and if you beat the average price of USD$4.82 you still get Ridge Racer Slipstream: Special Edition, Puzzle Quest 2 Full Edition, and PAC-MAN Championship Edition, but now you also get Mahjong Butterfly, and Galaga Special Edition.

The very top tier, which costs USD$5 or more nets you all these games as well as PAC-MAN CE DX – a bargain in anyones language.

Payments for the bundle can be made as usual through Credit Card, Amazon Payments, BitCoin and PayPal, and you can support the Save the Children charity with your payment as well as the developers of the games and the Humble Bundle folks.

Head over to to check out the bundle, and don’t forget to side-load their Android app while you’re there.