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Thanks to serial leaker @evleaks, it now looks as if we’ve got some press renders of Samsung’s rumoured (and likely) successor to last year’s highly successful Galaxy S6 range, with imagery of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge now available. Though Evan hasn’t had much to say about the images (beyond linking to an earlier article he wrote for VentureBeat about the speculation), the renders certainly look pretty good.

What we’re looking at (below) are the Galaxy S7 (left) and Galaxy S7 Edge (right). They are different sizes, too, unlike 2015’s Galaxy S6 range. There were earlier rumours that there might be three variants of S7 this year, but it looks like there might just be two — the regular sized Galaxy S7, and the slightly larger Galaxy S7 Edge. Why Samsung would go in this direction remains to be seen, but we know for a fact that both the S6 and S6 Edge were very popular, so maybe they’re trying a bigger Edge this year to test the size waters.

As you can see, the design language is highly similar, though the chrome/metal edging is more muted than the Galaxy S6 range, and the front-facing camera appears to be larger. The home button, too, appears to be a bit larger than it has been before, but sadly those damned capacitive buttons still aren’t gone. Colour-wise, we’re also looking at a much blacker (dark gray) affair than last year, which used deep blue for the “dark” coloured phone, which was quite a popular choice.

Here’s the S6 range (Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge+) and S7 range side by side, for a bit of a comparison:


Whatever Samsung is working on, we’ll find out on the 21st of February at MWC 2016, when Samsung is almost certain to unveil its 2016 flagship range. While the precise sizes might remain a mystery for now, rumours of bigger batteries, the inclusion of more RAM, the return of MicroSD slots, and IP67 dust and water resistance certification are certain to have tongues wagging over the next couple of weeks while we wait!

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Newcastle Guardian

And when and what is happening with the Note range I wonder?


Note range is always mid year, around August.


Oh wow! That looks exactly the same as last year model…..-_-

Jamie S

Well at least it looks like they increased the battery and brought back the micro SD slot. Now we just need ff stereo speakers on screen keys


Not surprising really. Evolution is a lot cheaper than revolution, as true as it is for makers of mobile phones as it is for biological entities.


That said, I can’t wait to go hands on and see what I think. It looks schmick.