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There was a huge amount of hype around the launch of the OnePlus Two and shortly after (but to a lesser extent) OnePlus X. The problems they suffered were fairly well publicised though; the phones were lacking in specs and disappointed many of the faithful. What was more an annoyance than disappointment for most was the invite system which ultimately ended up coming under what could only be described as a “hack” from people desperate to improve their expected timeline to get one of the devices.

In their forum post, OnePlus have stated this is the fastest they have ever moved a device from the invite system to open sales:

We’re extremely excited to be making the OnePlus X invite-free more quickly this time around.

It’s a US$249 device that will do the job and should pretty comfortably deliver to expectations on the price you pay, but its very likely to be unimpressive to the hardened Android fans. Be wary however, you’ll need a shipping address (Comgateway or the like) in the USA to purchase one which will end up costing you an extra $50 or so for a mobile phone to get it to Australia.

If this is of interest to you, head over to the OnePlus site and drop your dough.

Will the OnePlus X going invite free be a driver for you to grab one?

Source: Oneplus Forums.
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Really wish they would ship directly to Australia.