Ikea Qi
Swedish, flat-pack furniture maker Ikea launched a range of Qi enabled furniture, lamps and pads in US stores last March, and it appears that the range has now made it to Australia.

The Qi enabled Ikea lamps and charging pads are now showing on the showroom floors at Ikea with a ‘New’ tag attached to the items. The pads, branded with the Ikea name ‘NORDMÄRKE’ are single or triple Qi pads, supplying 5W per pad. The single Qi pad is priced at $59 or you can pay $99 for the triple, with both available in either Birch or White colour options. Though not yet showing on the Ikea Australia website, you can check out the US website for all the details.

If a full on pad isn’t what you’re after, then Ikea also has two additional Qi chargers available, more aimed at a built-in solution for your furniture – get the hole saw ready. The Jyssen and Morik are basic pads, with the major difference being that the Jyssen has a USB port which appears when you pop-up the charger. The Morik is actually designed as a companon piece to install in the Nordli or Selji night stands and sit flush. The Jyssen sells for $49, while the Morik sells for $39.

The nightstands are limited in availability with the Nordli not yet on the Ikea Australia system, while the Selji is showing, though no stock is available in the Canberra store. The Selji has Red and White options available but only the White model lists a pre-drilled hole for the Morik charger to slip into. The Selji sells for $39.99 but is in limited availability.

Ikea has two lamps available now, the Varv is a variation on the existing Varv lamp and lamp shade already in their range, while the Riggad is a brand new entry to the range. Both units have a Qi charging pad in the base, supplying 5W of power. The Varv, sells for $95 (white only as far as we can tell) and the Riggad which is selling for $89. Again, Ikea Australia hasn’t put the lamps on their Australian website as yet with only the original models of the Varv currently, but you can see the details on the Ikea US site now.

Of all the Qi accessories available the single, triple and the Jyssen Qi charger as well as the lamps, have a USB port available for you to plug in an additional accessory if required – handy for charging that non-Qi compliant tablet you have as well.

Finally, Qi charging is amazing but if your phone doesn’t support it natively you need either a Qi charging case or a Qi card available from places such as the Ausdroid store. In the US, Ikea stocks Qi enabled cases for the Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and S5 under the ‘Vitahult’ name, but there’s no sign of these in the Ikea Australia system as yet.

If you’re near an Ikea and you want some Qi accessories, they’re limited in availability – like their Synas LED Display boxes – but they’re coming, so get in and check them out.

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    vijay alapati

    Not much useful for note 5 which had fast wireless charging, as this Only charges slowly. Gd for last year phones….. Most Of the Carriers will stop supporting wireless charging soon…. New nexus Line is a example.


    Loving the Jyssen and Morik pads that could be retrofitted to any piece of furniture. I wonder if work would let me drill another hole in my desk…


    I’m sure Ikea in Brisbane has had the bedside table version for months. I remember talking to the Mrs about them in store


    Awesome, I just found out they have sit/stand desks available as well now. Might need to pop down and see about getting a new office desk set up with some Qi lights and/or pads. The bedside table lights are looking a little old too.

    Yah for the Nexus 5 and 7 🙂 (Although I really hope this years Nexus phones have Qi charging, really sucks that they removed it from this years models).

    Ju Me

    I was looking forward to that when I had a Nexus 5…. now with my Nexus 6P it is too late … :/