It looks like today is new plan announcement day, with Vaya announcing changes to many of its Power and Unlimited plans with either price reductions or more inclusions.

Power Plans are best for data-heavy users with $650 of talk but more data, while the Unlimited plans feature unlimited standard calls in exchange for a little less data. Both sets of plans feature unlimited standard texts with 40c/75c international SMS/MMS.

Vaya’s basic and most popular Power Plan – Power 18 ($18/month) – remains unchanged with unlimited standard texts, $650 of calls and 1.5GB of data. Moving up, Power Plan 22 ($22/month) goes up to 2GB of data and Power Plan 28 ($28/month) goes up to 3GB of data.

The Unlimited plans have a new entry level at Unlimited 24 ($24/month, unlimited standard talk/text, 1.5GB data), moving up to 2.5GB on Unlimited 28 ($28/month). A new Unlimited 34 ($34/month) plan takes the place of the old Unlimited 44 plan and offers 4GB of data.

Excess data is charged at $10/GB on any of the Power or Unlimited plans (which does make the removal of the Unlimited 44 plan a shame), and you’ll probably want to check Vaya’s international call rates if you’re making a lot of overseas calls.

Vaya’s plans are charged monthly, and the company uses Optus’ 3G and 4G network. The company is also currently waiving its $10 fees for SIM cards and express delivery.

Are you a Vaya user? Are you tempted to switch to take advantage of these new plans? Tell us in the comments!

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Makes sense given that the level above Power 18 (1.5GB) was Power 24 (2.0GB). An extra $6 for 500GB didn’t seem a great deal when the standard 1GB addition was only $10.


500GB for $6 seems like a great deal to me 😉


A happy Vaya customer of 2yrs on the $18pm plan. No dramas – especially with the standard $10 per GB extra these days.


Getting away from Vaya cost me a small fortune. Check Whirlpool forums before you think of signing up.


Didn’t cost me anything. They gave me a pro-rata refund and were no issue at all.
I read the contract and if you cancel your number they charge a fee but if you transfer out none.


Same here. I moved 5 phones off them. I decided I would rather lose money than give it to them. I’m not sure of the ratio of incompetence to negligence but the blend resulted in my worst ever telco experience. If I could sum it up in four words they would be “WRONG WAY GO BACK!”