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Google has updated their weekly app and game deals, offering Thomas Was Alone and Twilight Pro for just 20c each.

Google Play App Deal of the Week
Twilight Pro Unlock
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This week, the UberAndroid team has discounted their unlock app for light filtering app, Twilight.

Twilight is an app which has the intent of putting you to sleep easier, it does this by adjusting the blue light coming from your screen. Blue light, like that emitted by the screen on your phone, tablet etc. has been found to have an effect on the photoreceptors in your eyes, suppressing melatonin release in your brain causing you to stay awake.

Twilight lets you set time bands which set the light filter on your devices to a less blue tint. It’s not a new idea, f.Lux on Windows, Mac and iOS – but since there’s no f.lux on Android there’s been a few people who have attempted to bring the functionality to Android and here’s a pretty good looking version.

The Twilight Pro app also has a few more features than the free Twilight app, including access to more than 2 predefined profiles, the ability to adjust transition time and an option to turn off the Twilight service inactive times. As well as all that as a Pro customer you will also get new features first.

There’s no additional In-App Purchases in Twilight Prom and the reviews seem fairly positive with an average of 4.6 stars from over 2,200 reviewers. The reviewers

Twilight Pro Unlock
Twilight Pro Unlock

Google Play Game Deal of the Week
Thomas Was Alone
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This weeks game of the week is Thomas Was Alone from Bossa Studios, a really engaging game, it’s a ‘puzzle platformer’ that will really draw you in with an intriguing story and a great set of characters and of course, puzzles.

The game itself is graphically very simple, but very challenging to get through. You play the part of Thomas, a curious rectangle, but are soon joined by other characters as the game progresses. You’ll have to work your way through the levels, solving puzzles as you go, but it’s a pretty self-explanatory game all-in-all, check out the trailer for it.

It’s a game that’s been popular for a long time and it’s popular for a reason so get over to Google Play and hand over your 20c.

Thomas Was Alone
Thomas Was Alone
Developer: Bossa Studios Ltd
Price: $4.99

Thomas Was Alone is a stunning looking game and well worth the money and the Twilight Pro app has me as well, so it’s another 40c to Google this week.

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    TWA not compatible with Nexus 6 or Nexus Player…sigh