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The much anticipated Blackberry Priv has finally made its way down under, with Optus listing the phone on their website this morning.

Optus made the announcement they would carry the phone yesterday but had no pricing to share at the time. From the Optus website, the phone is selling on a range of My Plan Plus options from $40 per month with a $27 per month handset repayment, ranging up to the $130 per month depending on your call/SMS/Data needs.

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Availability of the handset is limited at the moment, with several stores contacted still waiting on stock. Optus will be selling the handset outright, but stores and online sales we contacted didn’t have any information on the actual price Optus will be selling it for – though they suggested that Monday would be a good day to check.

If you’re in the market for a new Blackberry (running Android), then the Priv is looking pretty good. Head into an Optus store near you to check it out.

Source: Optus.
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is google play service apps can be installed on
blackberry priv