Google Play Valentines Day
February is the month of the year when fat cherubs abound, and retailers revel in the outpouring of love which sees partners scrambling to find a suitable gift. This year, why not give your partner a Google Play Gift card and let them go nuts on some romantic music or movie or even sink their teeth into a romance novel with Googel’s romantic sale.

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There’s a bunch of albums on sale on Google Play Music with albums starting from as low as $1.99 each, and it’s a decent title too: Ed Sheeran – X. There’s a lot more up for grabs if Ed doesn’t tickle your (or your partners) fancy, from Pink to Cindy Lauper and of course crooner Michael Buble is in there as well.

There’s a heap of titles available, so head over to the sale on Google Play Music and check out what they have.

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If your Valentines Day date involves snuggling up at home with a nice romantic movie, then this is the right place to be, with Google Play Movies discounting romantic movies for you. There’s classics like Ghost, Breakfast at Tiffanys and Sleepless in Seattle or for the more modern you can try 50 Shades of Grey .

My pick of the bunch is About Time, it has a sci-fi twist to it and it makes for a pretty decent watch, but if you haven’t watched it yet, Breakfast at Tiffanys is also darn good – I mean it’s considered a classic for a reason.

If you want to check out all the movies on-sale then head over to Google Play Movies ‘Movie Deals We Love’ sale and see what you can find.

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I admit I`m a bit lost here, but if a raunchy or romantic novel is what gets you going then Google Play Books ‘Red Hot Romance Deals’ is where you should head. There’s a selection of novels there that look like they’ve kept Fabio in business as a cover model for his entire career.

For the romance novel purists, there’s even some Mills and Boon there. Head over and check it out.