Telstra’s network outage today was for the most part fairly brief, with Telstra right onto the issue as it occured, attempting to restore service asap. But it was a large scale outage and did have an impact on their customers. Telstra’s Chief Operations Officer Kate Mckenzie has addressed the outage, explaining a little about the cause and offered a small piece of compensation to Telstra customers.

The outage was caused by a major network node being taken offline to resolve an issue without proper procedures being followed. The result of the failure to follow correct procedures caused higher load on other nodes within the Telstra network with customers who were disconnected adding to the workload of other nodes as they attempted to reconnect to the Telstra network.

So, it’s all back together now and Telstra’s outage procedures will certainly see an update after this outage. To make up for the outage to all Telstra customers, Telstra will be offering a day of free data usage on the Telstra network. If you’re a Telstra customer you don’t need to do anything for it to take effect, you’ll simply just get free data.

Comments on todays outage were mixed with some affected, while some didn’t even notice. Still, the upside is you can now consume all the data you can eat on Sunday with no effect on your monthly data quota. Not bad.

Were you affected by the Telstra outage? What are you plans for free data Sunday?

Source: Telstra.
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    I haven’t got an SMS about this yet. Is Telstra hoping not many people find out about the free Sunday? I have no use for it either way, but it would be nice to get a SMS though.

    Shakeel Ali

    Nope. Uses the Telstra network, but BOOST customers are not officially Telstra customers. The free promotion is only for Telstra customers proper.

    Dicky See

    Does this include Boost?

    Barry Williams

    I wonder if their is a fair use policy. Telstra 4g is faster than my ADSL