The Telstra Mobile network is currently experiencing a nationwide outage for data and voice services. Initially reported through various social media enquiries, the issue was initially investigated before Telstra made the following announcement:

Our testing has shown that while people trying to dial Telstra customers are receiving either a “dead line” or engaged signal, Telstra mobile users are able to dial out to land lines or customers on other mobile networks. The data signal is very patchy depending on where you are with some users reporting zero data and others reporting that they have normal data service. If you’re looking to get updates on the situation, keep an eye on the Telstra twitter account (via wifi of course).

**UPDATE: 2:31 pm
It appears users are coming back online with voice and data services being restored however not yet confirmed by Telstra

**UPDATE: 2:24 pm**
Reports are indicating that calls are now reaching Telstra mobiles from landlines.

**UPDATE: 6:38 pm
Telstra are advising that the issue was due to a major mobile node going down. They tweeted earlier today that the issue had been identified and were working to restore services. Around our offices, the services seem to be back now. Shout out if you’re still seeing issues.

If you’re being effected by this outage, how big an impact is it having on your day?

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i was using my phone all day in Adelaide i didn’t even notice

Phil Tann

I work just outside cbd and had major issues, you’re lucky!


What you mean my wife can’t contact me!
Data appears fine, as indicated, can call out, but engaged signal to incoming calls.
But saying that, they might be getting it fixed… as i just got a cold call


Can’t even browse Reddit while sitting on the can! So inconvenient!


Currently Chermside, Brisbane. Normal operating for me. Not affected. Telstra Post-Paid Xperia Z3 Comact