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The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are due to be announced the day before the start of Mobile World Congress in about 2 weeks, but if you’re a keen Samsung fan, then you can get a taste of owning the phone right now with the wallpapers for the phone leaking out ahead of the announcement.

The wallpapers come courtesy of SamMobile forum member J.K Shine — Har har, get it? J.K Shin is head of Samsung Mobile — with 13 background images in high quality uploaded to their site.

The wallpapers are not bad, about what you’d expect for a wallpaper from Samsung with the same general feel as what we’ve seen on the previous Galaxy models. The resolutions are high, but different size indicating different sized screens or perhaps a more pixel dense screen on the Edge model with 2560×2560 and 2240×2240 resolutions available.

They’re all here, just download them and let us know which one you like:

Source: SamMobile Forum.
Via: SamMobile.