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Another week, another bargain. This week, in Google’s weekly App and Game Deal of the week, we find Rayman Jungle Run from Ubisoft Entertainment and reduced to just 20c each — Bargain.

App Deal of the Week

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If you travel regularly, you’ll be very well aware of Google Inbox’s ability to collate all your trip information into a nice, neat bundle. But if you want more control then third-party apps like Tripit are your answer to making sure all your information about your journey is in one easy to access location when you need it.

This is the ad-free version of Tripit, but it’s not Tripit Pro, which will set you back US$49 per year – still it’s a great service. With Tripit, you simply forward all your emails from hotels, car rental places, airlines, restaurants or meeting places to tripit and they create an instant itinerary for you. Your itinerary is accessible offline – great for when you land in a foreign country with no data connection – allowing you to find your information quickly.

Tripit will let you sync your plans with Google or Outlook calendars, as well as edit all your itinerary information through their website (tripit.com) and you can of course share your trip with friends, family or business associates.

For 20c, Tripit is a great idea for the regular (or irregular) traveller and certainly worth the small price. Head over and check it out on Google Play.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Game Deal of the Week

Rayman Jungle Run
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Ubisoft Entertainment has joined in the Deal of the Week action with Rayman Jungle Run and if you haven’t seen Rayman previously you must be new to gaming because this series has been around for years.

Rayman Jungle Run is a platform game, which sees you running around levels avoiding obstacles and picking up lums and being chased by bosses. It’s a heck of a lot of fun and very similar to other platformers like Sonic the Hedgehog. There’s achievements to attain, new powers and secret levels to unlock and you’ll even get bonus wallpapers for your Android device. Just check out the trailer:

If you’re after even more incentive to grab a game for just 20c, then Android TV owners will be happy to know that Rayman Jungle Run is compatible with both my Sony Bravia and Nexus Player. There are In-App Purchases in the game, worth $2.49 per item, but it’s a pretty decent game and you’re under no obligation to buy. Head over to Google Play and check it out.

Rayman Jungle Run
Rayman Jungle Run
Price: To be announced

That’s it for the week, unless Google hits us a few freebies but if they do we’ll let you know.

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