Following the November redesign of Google Plus, Google has been slowly rolling out new features and restoring missing ones to the platform. Today

Today the “New Posts” button has been returned to the top of the feed via the web interface. This pop-up lets you know when your stream is out of date and there are newer posts available, so users now have the option of choosing when to load new content onto their stream. It’s not an earth shattering change, but it shows that Google is listening to feedback and continuing to develop its social platform.

Google plus new posts

With Google decoupling services like Photos, Hangouts and Google Play Games but continuing to redesign and iterate on the platform, it seems they’re not ready to abandon their “Stream” product and that more narrow focus might well be the Google Plus of the future. There’s still some pretty big features missing though – in particular we’re still waiting to see features like Hangouts On Air return to the product.

It also looks like that leaner and more focused Google Plus can be iterated on a little faster than we’re used to, with Google delivering a number of updates across Android, iOS and web since the big redesign, and that’s a good thing.

Let’s talk Google Plus! Will focusing on communities and collections will allow the service a new lease on life? What’s still missing? Talk about it in the comments!

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It’s not bad

Dennis Bareis

I’ve been getting that on and off the last few days, its great 🙂