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In the next two weeks you’re going to see a lot of information leaked about Samsung’s upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S7. Today, we’ve already seen the wallpapers leaked, and we’re also being treated to a list of what official accesories you may be able to purchase for your new phone when it reaches retail stores.

Among the accessories listed you’ll find a bunch of cases, like the now synonymous S View cases and they’ve also added a ruggedized (sic) case for those wanting to take their phone off the beaten track. The big news for the range is a ‘Backpack Case’ which includes an additional 2,700mAh battery inside that should charge your phone on the run – fantastic for those with an extra long day ahead with no access to a charger.

It’s pertinent to point out that not all Samsung accessories make it to our shores — we are still waiting for the weird keyboard add-in they announced for the Galaxy S6 Edge+ last year — But we do generally get a fairly good selection of accessories. Accessories available in Australia are fairly easy to come by too with Samsung ensuring you can buy from carriers, retailers or even Samsung themselves through their online store or their Experience stores in Sydney and Melbourne.

The list is for the Galaxy S7, but they’ve also added a list of Galaxy S7 ‘Plus’ accessories, which doesn’t seem much different, but we’ve added them as well. Pricing is indicative only with Samsung sure to make the pricing around what you’re used to paying for official Samsung accessories – I paid €39 for a Galaxy S6 Edge+ case in Germany and it sells for $39AUD back here. So, here they are:

Galaxy S7 Accessories:

  • Samsung S View Cover Black EF-CG930PB: €49.99
  • Samsung S View Cover Gold EF CG930PF: €49.99
  • Samsung S View Cover Silver EF CG930PS: €49.99
  • Samsung S View Cover White EF-CG930PW: €49.99 Euro
  • Samsung LED View Flip Cover Black EF-NG930PB: €69.99
  • Samsung LED View Flip Cover Gold EF NG930PF: €69.99
  • Samsung LED View Flip Cover Silver EF NG930PS: €69.99
  • Samsung Clear Cover Black EF-QG930CB: €29.99
  • Samsung ClearCover Gold EF QG930CF: €29.99
  • Samsung ClearCover silver EF QG930CS: €29.99
  • Samsung Wallet flip cover with space for credit card Black EF-WG930PB: €29.99
  • Samsung Wallet flip cover with space for credit card Gold EF WG930PF: €29.99
  • Samsung Clearview Case black EF-ZG930CB: €59.99
  • Samsung Clearview Case Gold EF ZG930CF: €59.99
  • Samsung Clearview Case Silver EF ZG930CS: €59.99
  • Samsung Guard Cover (ruggedized) Black EF-PG930CB: €59.99
  • Samsung Leather Cover Black EF-VG930LB: €49.99
  • Samsung Leather Cover Brown EF VG930LD: €49.99
  • Samsung Keyboard Case Black EJ CG930UB: €49.99
  • Samsung Backpack Case with 2700mAh auxiliary battery including Wireless Charging Kit Black EP-TG930BB: €89.99
  • Samsung AFC Wireless Charging Stand Black EP-NG930BB: €59.99
  • Samsung AFC Wireless Charging Stand Weiss EP NG930BW: €59.99
  • Samsung Glitter Cover Gold EF XG930CF

Galaxy S7 Plus Accessories

  • Samsung S View Cover Schwarz EF-CG935PB: €49.99
  • Samsung S View Cover Gold EF-CG935PF: €49.99
  • Samsung S View Cover Silber EF-CG935PS: €49.99
  • Samsung S View Cover Weiss EF-CG935PW: €49.99
  • Samsung LED View Flip Cover Schwarz EF-NG935PB: €69.99
  • Samsung LED View Flip Cover Gold EF-NG935PF: €69.99
  • Samsung LED View Flip Cover Silber EF-NG935PS: €69.99
  • Samsung Clear Cover Schwarz EF-QG935CB: €29.99
  • Samsung Clear Cover Gold EF-QG935CF: €29.99
  • Samsung Clear Cover Silber EF-QG935CS: €29.99
  • Samsung Wallet Flip-Cover Schwarz EF-WG935PB: €29.99
  • Samsung Wallet Flip-Cover Gold EF-WG935PF: €29.99
  • Samsung Clear View Case Schwarz EF-ZG935CB: €59.99
  • Samsung Clear View Case Gold EF-ZG935CF: €59.99
  • Samsung Clear View Case Silber EF-ZG935CS: €59.99
  • Samsung Leather Cover Schwarz EF-VG935LB: €49.99
  • Samsung Leather Cover Braun EF-VG935LD: €49.99
  • Samsung Guard Cover (ruggedized) Schwarz EF-PG935CB: €59.99
  • Samsung Keyboard Case Schwarz EJ-CG935UB: €69.99
  • Samsung BackPack Case mit 2700mAh Zusatz-Akku inkl. Wireless Charging Kit Schwarz EP-TG935BB: €89.99
Source: WinFuture.