Transport app Moovit, has today announced that they’re introducing real-time data for Sydney residents allowing them to see up to date information on arrival times for buses, trains, light rail and ferries in the app.

Moovit currently provides real-time data for residents in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra, with Sydney now joining their ranks. Moovit is also available in Perth, Hobart, Cairns and Townsville but without the real-time support.

Transport NSW has provided the data for Moovit, which should smooth out the commuting experience for Sydney residents and visitors meaning you’ll always know where your bus etc. is. The data is provided as part of the agencies new ‘Open Data Hub’, which Moovit was selected to receive early access to.

Alex Mackenzie Torres, Moovit CMO said of the new feature:

We’re thrilled to be able to offer Sydney users real-time data to help improve their daily commutes and other public transport journeys. As local agencies share more data like real-time feeds, we’re able to give users the most accurate information about when their bus will arrive. This helps them to free up valuable time in their day that they might otherwise spend waiting at a bus stop or train station.

Moovit is one of the top transport apps in Australia, listed in Google Play as second only to Uber in their category – making them the number one public transport app – a big feat for an app that only launched in Australia in April last year. Moovit has doubled their user base in that time, with almost 450,000 users using the app.

If you’re a regular commuter in any of the supported areas, then Moovit is highly recommended. Head over to Google Play and check it out today.

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    Lance Haeden

    Uhm what was wrong with the current Real Time data used by Tripview in Sydney? Seems just fine o me.

    Daniel Tyson

    Not everyone likes the Tripview app. Variety is the spice of life after all.


    Why does Sydney’s bridesmaid city ==> Melbourne, aka 2nd tier city, always come first in most things? The Sydney centric mainstream media should really drop the bridesmaid moniker on us Melbournians

    Daniel Tyson

    Lol, you’re asking for it with that comment. Ask Melbourneites about Google Transit in Maps.


    The lack of transit in Google Maps for Melbourne is because of Public Transport Victoria, which seems stuck in an old paradigm.

    Daniel Tyson

    This hasn’t been proven either way. They’ve released data in the requested format – beyond that whether it’s in the correct way neither PTV nor Google is willing to comment on.