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Boost - Big Data
Telstra’s mobile network outage on Tuesday was a fairly major one, impacting Telstra’s voice and data services for customers for several hours. Telstra customers weren’t the only ones affected by the outage, MVNO Boost, who uses the Telstra network found their customer similarly affected, and like Telstra, they want to make it up to their customers with unmetered data for a day.

Just like the Telstra offer, Boost customers will be able to download without penalty all day on Sunday- that’s midnight to midnight in your local timezone. Boost customers don’t need to do anything to activate the offer, it’s simply an offer of unmetered data for the day which has been extended to all Boost customers.

If you’ve been holding off updating that PC or watching that movie because of a lack of data, Sunday is your day – get the word out and make sure you take advantage of the offer.

Source: Boost Australia Facebook.

Daniel Tyson  

Daniel Tyson

Daniel is a former editor of Ausdroid, and left in February 2019.

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Ausdroid Reader

Boost is irrelevant since the new Telstra Freedom Plus plans. They need to upgrade their offerings.


Not really, if you are happy on the $20 plan then stick with boost, if you are on the $39 plan then yes you are right.

Paul Miller
Ausdroid Reader

I’m happy on the $20 plan but I might have to consider whether the hassle of moving and porting existing numbers is worth it for my other family members.

Sean Dwyer
Ausdroid Reader

Their Bonus Night Data offer expires in a few weeks time. Then they’ll be on par, except boost still gives you the 2gb every weekend additional data (on top of your included 3gb monthly data). Mind you, their free WiFi (till June) is a big draw card.

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