LG will unveil the G5 at Mobile World Congress later this month and already the hype train has left the station. Always On display is the biggest official tease so far, but the unofficial leaks are starting to come now as well with the G5 reportedly stopping past GeekBench to compare itself to the competition.

The benchmarks hold no real surprises for anyone keeping up to date with trends in hardware on high-end phones. The entry on Geekbench for an LG-F700S, points to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with 4GB of RAM, a very respectable hardware spec that should smooth out any software lag that could arise.

The only other piece of information we can glean from the entry is a listing for Android 6.0.1 which will obviously come with LG’s customised UI on top which should be iterated to LG UX 5.0.

Screenshot 2016-02-11 at 8.51.37 AM

Without the Huawei Nexus 6P on the scene, LG’s G4 would have waltzed away with our phone of the year title last year and we expect big things from LG this year. From the rumours, the G5 is shaping up to be a killer phone and we can’t wait to see what LG has to offer when they take the wraps off the phone at MWC.

Source: Geekbench.
Via: Phandroid.
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    Any word from LG Australia on if they will stay asleep at the wheel for this launch like so many previous ones? Or will they make an effort this time?


    3gb, 4gb, 10gb of ram, it’s all Space, Room to move – per se. The speed of the ram is never noted, however. Eliminate lag with speed. Give 1gb of ram so long as it’s 2000+ and it’d run great.

    Daniel, Can you please find out what the speeds of the ram are in the S6 and G4 in comparison to the Note 5?


    Just found the answer.
    The G4 has 3GB @ 933 mhz.
    The S6 has 3GB @ 1552 mhz.

    The Note has 4GB @ 1552 mhz.

    The fact that the G4 outdone the competition with less ram speed in a device that’s all about NAND and RAM makes me wish that my G4 had 1500+ mhz. lol.

    This also proves you right in saying that more ram helps eliminate lag in the Samsung’s.


    “that should smooth out any software lag that could arise.” It won’t. Same arguments have been made for years – ‘processor X and extra ram will eliminate software lag’ and it never does. Samsung and LG (imo) simply aren’t good at programming software. And this is from someone who owned the S6 and G4 last year, only to be disappointed with both and dropped them for the 6P. There’s literally no point looking at benchmark scores, because they show only the raw processing power of the CPU – which is something that will never occur on a phone. A phone… Read more »

    Daniel Tyson

    Going from 3GB to 4GB of RAM on the Note 5/S6 Edge+ improved the platform immensely. The GS6/GS6 Edge were quite laggy, but the release later in the year saw quite usable and smooth running phones.

    As you note, you owned the G4 and S6 – both had 3GB of RAM. Try out a Note 5 etc. and you will find there is a noticeable difference between the two and as they use essentially the same software, the same processor and the main difference is RAM, there is definitely a validity to the statement I made.


    Well I haven’t used the Note 5, but I’ll take your word for it I guess. 3gb ram didn’t seem like it did much on both the S6 or G4, so I’m not holding my breath that 4gb will suddenly fix everything.

    I don’t know, I was just disappointed with both the S6 and G4 on software and performance, which is annoying as they both had stellar cameras. But after last years experience, I’m just not excited about the two this year. Maybe it’ll all change around, but I’ll believe it when I see it.


    There may be ‘a’ validity to your comment but I see this as similar to trying to get through a jammed up door, the hinges of which are in desperate need of oil – however, instead of oiling up the hinges you just add a bit more strength to the person trying to open the door. It may get them through the door a bit more quickly but it’s a poor solution.


    I like this analogy. Well put.