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Book lovers who use PayPal are receiving a bonus offer to download a free book through Google Play this morning. Users who received a PayPal monthly email are being offered a link which gives you credit, but it looks like it’s open to anyone with an Australian Google Play account.

The offer to enjoy a book on Google worth up to $3 from a curated list on offer is available until the 18th of February. To redeem the offer you simply have to either enter the code ‘PAYPALBOOKS2016AU or click this link:

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The list of books is fairly decent, with both comics and novels on offer. though there’s a $3 value mentioned in the title, we were still able to claim ‘Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe‘ which is listed at $4.76.

If you’re needing something to read this weekend, head over to Google Play and check it out.

Source: Google Play.
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    Thanks for the heads up. Not the greatest choice but there should be at least something for most tastes. I also ended up choosing the Deadpool comic.