Kogan discount

Following the heavily publicised outage of voice and data service for Telstra Mobile customers today it shouldn’t surprise anyone to see other carriers swooping on the opportunity, but this cheeky little sponsored ad from Kogan on Facebook really hit the mark.

2016-02-09 08.46.25

If I were unaware of the outage on Tuesday; either not on Telstra (I am and was affected by the issue) or just thinking it was a blissfully peaceful day, it would have been very easy to slide past this without noticing it. But it was enough to get me to take a quick peek at their site and found that their 2 options are both available at a huge 70 % discount currently.

Kogan Deals

If you got stung by the Telstra network outage and are looking for an option, or simply are looking for a really good deal on your mobile phone; Kogan are a Mobile Network Virtual Operator (MNVO) for the Vodafone network, meaning they have all the same coverage as Vodafone but by a different name.

Is pricing like this enough to entice you over from your current carrier, or are you happy where you are?

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    Dennis Bareis

    A once off $21 dollar saving is not going to get me interested.


    Hahaha, I nearly fell off my chair seeing Kogan sprucing a ‘reliable network’,,, Ah what short memories they have.


    Like many people only Telstra offers decent coverage where I live… So while their (Kogan/Vodafone) network might be “firing on all cylinders”, its not doing it around here as the signal is weak and mostly unusable.

    Phill Edwards

    Yeah. Vodafone have done a great job in turning themselves around but their network still isn’t as good as Telstra or Optus. I get poor in-house reception and outside of the city is to sporadic. So I’m going to Telstra via Aldi. Shame because I have to say Vodafone have otherwise been excellent and I didn’t really want to move.


    Agreed that Voda has really improved. I’m with TPG, and they recently made the switch from Optus to Vodafone, and I must say I’m really impressed with the coverage, considering I live in Melbournes outskirts.


    I took my family on a drive from Melbourne to Adelaide in January. Had virtually no drop outs except for when the car was in an area even Telstra didn’t have coverage (I had my work provided Telstra mobile with me for backup). Most towns had good coverage. I haven’t been disappointed with my decision to move from Telstra to Vodafone.

    Phill Edwards

    FYI Aldi are also offering free data on Sunday. I did my port out from Vodafone to Aldi today and was totally blown away – it literally took 5 minutes for the number to transfer and the SIM to activate.