Look, if you thought this morning’s update about Google’s Text to Speech service was mundane, you might find this equally dull. Google’s Clock app is surprisingly popular, and probably one of the most popular Android widgets as well, allowing users to put an analog or digital clock on their home screen layout.

This new update allows users to resize the widget properly. Whereas before resizing the widget would simply change its alignment within your home screen, resizing it now means the clock itself changes size too, to make it actually look like it fits.

Why this feature wasn’t there in the first place no one knows, but it’s certainly there now. It’s a nice feature, and it means that if you want to make your clock a lot more prominent, you now can! The update has a full three changes listed:

  • Analog and digital clock widgets are now resizable
  • Drop shadow added to digital clock widget
  • Fixes for several minor bugs

The update is on the Play Store now, and probably on your phone already if you’ve got the Google Clock app installed.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free