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Update: it’s now official. Read up on the official announcement here.

Google’s second generation Chromecast and Chromecast Audio will be launching in Australia this week with JB Hifi stores at least gearing up to launch the devices on February 18th.

The launch date is being distributed to stores with Point of Sale material including barrier covers for the security gates at the front of stores.

Staff will be trained on the finer points of the new generation Chromecasts with the Chromecast 2’s main selling feature being the inclusion of support for WiFi 802.11 AC and dual-band Wi-Fi. The Chromecast Audio is just excellent for turning a speaker into a networked device, as Chris pointed out in his piece on why you should be excited for the launch.

As we saw earlier this month, the Chromecast 2 and Chromecast Audio will be launching at $59 each, a slight increase on the $49 RRP of the original. The increase in price takes into account the weaker Australian dollar as well as the inclusion of GST and companies often add some hedging to ensure that warranty is covered as laid out by Australian Consumer Law.

There’s no word from Google at this stage on the release, with Google Australia preferring not to comment on rumour and speculation. We expect to see the Chromecast 2 and Chromecast Audio on the Google Store when they launch, but for now the landing page for Chromecast Audio and Chromecast 2 simply saying ‘Not Available’.

We’re excited for the launch and can’t wait to see which other retailers are going to be selling the devices, but given the wide reach of the original at The GoodGuys, Bing Lee, Harvey Norman and even Big W, they shouldn’t be too hard to come by. If the original Chromecast is good enough for your needs, then we should see some clearance sales on old stock fairly shortly.

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    Well they are for sale on the JB website now. Not though it seems on the Google Store.

    Jamie S

    I went into my local D Smith today to enquire about them and all the regular staff were gone and it resembled a Harris Scarfe discount store with a new home appliance display. I didn’t have the heart to ask at it looks like most of the stock is from 2014 or before


    Harvey Norman & Officeworks are selling the original one for $37 now.

    Bold Jon

    lol, i’m to poor to get it


    Poor sales assistants are all trained up and primed with info on a new product… and here we all go in, grab them and head for the check out
    SA: Let me tell you about the benefits of AC support …
    Me: Out of my way punk!

    Sadie Forrest

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    Jamie S

    Anyone gonna have a crack at trying to buy instore before release? Some clown (me) tried it when the Gen 1 dropped here. I went into JB today but sales assistants were AWOL.


    enough with the talk, let’s get them in to the shops, so I can just buy one. we heard about these before Christmas 2015. so why the delay.


    Jay bey, you’ve done it agayn.