Mattel’s Google Cardboard compatible View-Master headset is due for an update later this year, with the company unveiling an updated version at the New York Toy Fair this week called the Viewer DLX.

Though the original View-Master is easily the best Cardboard headset we’ve ever used, the new headset will come with updates which make it a slightly more pleasurable device to use. Firstly the Viewer DLX will allow for headphones to be connected to the phone rather than trying to listen to the internal speakers on the phone. The Viewer DLX will also come with better optics and an adjuster for the optics mounted on top of the headset.

The new version of the headset will launch at a slightly higher price in the US, where it will retail for US$40 according to Gizmodo, though we’ll probably see it slightly more expensive than the straight conversion of US to AU dollars when it hits our shores.

Mattel launched three branded pieces of content for the original View-Master when it launched last year, offering Wildlife, Space and Destinations for just over $20 apiece. Mattel hasn’t yet announced new content for the updated headset but we could see more titles released closer to the Viewer DLX launch.