This Sunday we should see the international unveiling of three of the most anticipated phones of 2016: the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge and of course the LG G5. Some people just can’t wait for official sales dates though and in the United Arab Emirates, someone stuck the phones up for sale on their equivalant of Gumtree.

The listings have been removed overnight, but they were listed for sale for 2500AED (about $960AUD) for the LG G5, while the Samsung Galaxy S7 is selling for 4500AED (about $1700AUD) while you can get the sleek looking Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for the same price.

There’s not much to be gleaned from the pictures, though we can pretty much say for certain that the LG G5 has what appears to be a dual-lens camera set up on the rear of the phone.

The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are very much still a mystery as to what they have inside, so it’s a matter of check out the pics and see what you think from the blurry cam images.

Chris will be on the ground in Spain to capture all the release details of both the Samsung Galaxy S7 launch and the LG G5 launch. We’re looking forward to checking out both phones when they’re official and we get a much clearer look at what each phone has to offer.

Which phone are you looking forward to this year?

Via: Android Police.
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Oh no!!!!!! They have gone and put the volume rocker on the side of the phone for the LG G5 going by the pics. I love just where it is on my G4.

Jamie S

This is probably the first time ever I am looking forward to the release of a Samsung Galaxy product. I have my eye on a S7 edge as I’m not overly impressed by look of the G5 but I felt the same about the 6P too and that grew on me (eventually)


The G5 looks ugly, I honestly expected better. Surely the raised camera is something we should not accept for a flagship these days. If nothing else it does give hope that stock will be available at launch….But I guarantee not here in Australia given how incompetent LG Australia have been previously