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JB Music

For those who didn’t know JB H-Fi have been operating their own streaming music service for a couple of years called JB Hi-Fi Now Music. Today customers of the Australian based service have been receiving emails informing them that as of 17 March 2016 the service will come to and end.

If you’re a member of the service using customer billing, the service will conclude from February 17th, if you have a gift card for the service it looks like JB will make good on your balance, offering to convert JB HiFi Now Gift cards to JB Hi-Fi Stire credit or receive a refund via your local store or online. If you’re using gift cards and want to continue using the service you can continue right up to the March 17th cut off date.

Users who wish to export a list of their playlists can do so simply by logging into the service and following the instructions, but remember this is just a list of songs, not the music itself.

At this stage, the JB Hi-Fi NOW Music Android app hasn’t updated with details of the closure but this should be coming through in good order.

In a world with Google Play music, apple music, Spotify, Pandora and other music streaming service, some of which have free tiers or carrier subsidised periods it’s not hard to see why a relativity small service such as JB’s wasn’t able to remain in operation.

We’re you a JB Hi-Fi now subscriber? What streaming service are you thinking of moving to?

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
Source: JB HiFi.

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I haven’t used it for a long time but I’ve always said it was the best streaming service with the best UI and functionality. Unfortunately they screwed me out of a 12 month voucher I had and refused to honor it so I left on principle. But the service itself was excellent


This is a real shame, I’ve been using it since the start and it was a great premium service with good value for money. Was just reading they only ever got about 12,000 subscribers which obviously isn’t enough to make any money at only around $10 per month. Sadly they built an excellent product but were unable to compete with all the services offering free services and the big players Spotify, Google Music, Apple music etc. JB has very helpfully provided a facility to export your lists of favorites and playlists with album and song names etc. Such a shame.… Read more »

TheBagging Man
TheBagging Man

Have been subscribed to JB Hi-fi Now for the last 2 years.
Very disappointed as it has 1 feature that none of the big guys have. When you click a song it gives you simple options rather than adding the whole album to the que.
If I stand corrected and there is another service which does the same please let me know!


I think apple music works pretty much like that. I’ve quite liked it on android.


Heads up store not stire.

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