Want Gmail functionality but still want to keep your long held or now impossible to get email address? Well if you use either Yahoo’s or Microsoft’s web-based email then now you can. Google has announced today that they will be extending some of Gmail’s more powerful functions into these platforms.

The three big features that have been confirmed as being available are SPAM filtering/ protection, inbox organisation e.g. promotions social etc tabs, not to be confused with compatibility for Inbox the app, and the big one Google Now cards based on email contents.

The inclusion of Google Now cards based on email content makes me wish my primary email was on one of these services. For those of us who don’t use Gmail, and now Yahoo or Microsoft web based email there is still a glimmer of hope. Google has confirmed that they are looking to add other email providers in the future. As an Exchange user, I sure hope Exchange is next on the list.

If you are an eligible user all you have to do is set up your 3rd party account in Gmail and then link that email account to a Gmail account. Once linked you’ll see the email from both accounts from either the mobile app or the web interface. If you want more instructions Google has a support page all ready.

In regard to basic functionality Google provided the following answers:

Read email: When you read an email sent to your non-Gmail address, it will also be marked as read in the non-Gmail mailbox.

Move email to trash: When you move an email sent to your non-Gmail address to Trash, it will be moved to Trash in your email provider as well. It will be deleted according to the “Empty trash” limit of your email provider, as opposed to following Gmail’s 30-day limit.

Respond to emails: When you go through the process of linking your account, you can choose which “from:” address to use for replies to emails sent to your non-Gmail. You can always change the “from” address again in Settings on the Android Gmail app.

Archive mail: When you archive an email in Gmail, we’ll create a folder in your other email provider called “Archive.” When you go to check your mail on your provider’s site (for example,, you’ll find your archived emails in the “Archive” folder.

Labels and folders: Labels in Gmail show up as folders in other providers. When you add a label to a message, say, “Vacation,” Gmail will create a folder in your other email provider called “Vacation.” Then, it will place the message in that folder. If you add multiple labels, Gmail will create multiple copies of the email so that it can be in all the correct folders. If you have limited space for your other email provider, we recommend you don’t add many labels to a non-Gmail email.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the correct accounts to be able to test this new service. It will be interesting to see what the user experience is for this service.

Have you enabled the new functionality? let us know how it worked.

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I just wish Google would open up more Gmail addresses. Maybe @gmail2 or or @googlemail

It’s close to impossible to get anything half decent as an address these days. It’s even hard with @outlook and Yahoo.


@googlemail is already in use in the UK. Another company was already using @gmail in the UK so when Google started their email service they had to come up with an alternative address. It’s only available if you are in the UK when you activate your Gmail service. Everywhere else in the world you get @gmail.

Will Dutton

I’d be all over this for exchange. then I could organise my work email, tasks and travel stuff with inbox