Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2016

Samsung have been teasing “The next Galaxy” for some time and with the various leaks, renders and specs that have been shared over the last 4 – 6 weeks there probably isn’t a lot of surprise left in the hardware. Its likely they may have something new in the software to excite users as they often do, but that remains to be seen when they officially unveil the device in only a few days time.

As the teases continue, today they had Kee who is an ice sculptor unbox the Galaxy S7 and give us a glimpse of what he saw.

As we progress through the coming days, it appears from the first 3 videos that Samsung may slowly reveal more about the device with these unboxing videos – we will know more tomorrow.

What is the feature you want to see brought in (or back) to the set on the Galaxy S7 to entice you to purchase?

Source: Samsung 7 Days of Unboxing.