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Samsung 7 days of unboxing – Day 4

Samsung 7 days of unboxing – Day 4


Samsung have been very creative with their marketing leading up to their Mobile World Congress press event this year. They’re releasing a new video each day which has been allowing someone or something (day 2 was a Llama) into a closed room to view the highly anticipated Galaxy S7 for 30 seconds and then give us a glimpse of what they saw. Today’s lucky viewer is Sara, a metal worker and fabricator who has welded a stunning piece of art.

Unfortunately much like the child, Llama and ice sculptor before her the end result doesn’t give us any information about the phone that we don’t already know. It is however a great piece of welding and some clever marketing to build the hype around their upcoming phone release.

What do you think we’ll see tomorrow in the 7 days of unboxing?

Source: Samsung 7 Days of Unboxing.