Last month Google announced that they were making changes sign-ins for Google Play Games, the major changes were the options to decouple your Google Play Games ID from your Google+ profile and auto sign-on to compatible games.

In a blog post today, Google has announced the new Gamer ID system is now rolling out. The big ticket item in today’s announcement, other than the fact it is now going live, is that you can now choose your own UNIQUE gaming handle for Google Play Games. Are you “DR4G0N SLAYR” on every gaming platform around? Do you want to secure your own unique gaming handle before someone else gets their mitts on it? Then you better rush to the Game App and hope you have the option to change your profile, as of the time or writing I didn’t, my precious handle of BunnyM4n might be taken!!!


After selecting your handle, you then have the option to choose from one of over 40 avatars for you profile or keeping you current profile pic. From there additional features such as selecting between a public or private profile, setting how others can discover your profile and auto sign-in are all available.


If you don’t have the Google Play Games installed and you want to grab that handle, now would be the time to install it. It is rolling out internationally from today

Google Play Games
Google Play Games
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Were you able to secure your Gaming ID of preference? Let us know how you went.

Source: Google.
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    I haven’t got the changes yet, even though I it updated yesterday and issues with my profile saying it’s hidden, I change it to public and it just changes back to hidden, oh well no one can see that im at Level 50 😉


    I’m getting the same thing with the public/ private profile.


    Did you just get the another update? and still having the same problems with the profile? Well I am