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It’s Mardi Gras time in Sydney, with the festival starting today and culminating with the famous Mardi Gras march through the streets of Sydney City. Google Australia has today launched their ‘Places of Pride’ map, which gives members and supporters of the LGBTQI community a place to mark their significant locations on the map with a Pride Pin.

The map, which is live right now, contains rainbow pins all over the world. The map is a way to show that even if LGBTQUI people feel isolated, there’s a wider world where people just like them exist and support them.

So, what exactly qualifies as a ‘Place of Pride’? Patrick Hofmann, from the Google Maps Sydney team says:

A Place of Pride can be anywhere you’ve experienced or felt pride. Whether it’s where you came out to your friends or colleagues, met your partner, or supported provide and diversity in your community, we invite you to mark the places that represent your cherished memories of love, pride, or triumph on the Places of Pride.

Google will be present at the Fair Day in Victoria Park in Sydney this Sunday where Googlers with tablets in hand ready to help you add your ‘Place of Pride’ to the map.

Source: Google Australia.