With a March launch rumoured for HTC’s next ‘big’ phone, the HTC One M10, we’ve started seeing leaks of the phone, previously in Gold. Today leaker Evan Blass has gotten his hands on a pic of the upcoming phone in a white colour option and shared it on Twitter.

The phone shown in this picture has a different home key than the previous leak, with a more ‘Galaxy’ like rounded rectangle. The phone in question also shows a continuation of the white colouring around to the front of the phone that the previous picture didn’t show.

Though not official, it seems the HTC One M10, will be a completely new look for the One series. The phones are finally losing the Black bar beneath the screen and more worrying for most HTC fans, the Boomsound speakers appear to be gone as well.

HTC is very much in need of a hit with the M10 when it launches. We’re big fans of HTC here and whether the calls of ‘iPhone clone’ are warranted we’ll check out more closely when we get the phone in hand.

Source: @evleaks.
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    That can’t be right. I’m hoping that its a bit of false information thrown out by HTC to hid the real design.

    Hieu Nguyen

    looks like an incredibly poor rendering here and not a real physical unit. take a look at the corners of the screen! it’s as if the screen hasn’t been put on properly.




    Not sure if looking at a galaxy Phone or HTC


    This looks like a child birthed from an iPhone and Galaxy phone.

    Shame because it looks very generic. HTC had a distinct style with the black bar and boomsound. And they’re giving that up for what? A fingerprint scanner?

    I’d rather the black bar and boomsound to be honest. This is just another iPhone wannabe, just as the Galaxy phones are.


    I couldn’t agree more. This one will be called the HTC iSam. It’s got no personality at all. This one is make or break for HTC, and with LG and Samsung looking like they’re about to release impressive phones, I think HTC is in for a tough year.