HTC Keeper

HTC and Keeper have jointly announced that they will utilise Keeper’s password manager and digital vault software on its devices to better enhance security for users.

HTC have said that they had completed a comprehensive review of the best password management applications and through this process, it had decided to partner with Keeper based on the company’s superior security, features and in-depth experience working with leading OEMs and mobile operators.

Through this partnership, it is believed that HTC customers will now have an easy-to-use and secure application that generates strong passwords and autofills login credentials across native applications and browsers. Both companies have collaborated together to create a unique and intuitive user experience to ensure that mobile subscribers are securely storing their information and utilising Keeper’s security software to maximum effect.

Paavan Avadhanula, AVP of Corporate Development and Partnership with HTC has said that

Providing security on our devices is a top priority to ensure an optimal customer experience. Our partnership with Keeper will help protect our customers and make good password management easier than ever.

An example of how Keeper would work on a HTC device is when a consumers reaches the login screen of a website or native application on their HTC device, they will be prompted to sign up for Keeper in order to manage and store their login credentials and passwords. Furthermore, if a consumer clicks on the “snacker” button which is embedded into the login screen, consumers can immediately activate their Keeper account.

Keeper Security CEO and Co-Founder, Darren Guccione has said that

Smartphones are the unified devices for online access. Convenience, security and privacy are all major concerns for mobile users. With Keeper, HTC customers can access their apps, sites and private information quickly and at the same time, feel safe knowing their passwords, photos and private information are secure in their Keeper vault. HTC is one of the world’s leading mobile brands. We are proud to partner with them on their mobile security initiatives.

Keeper will be available this year on select HTC models, though no word was given what models it will be available on [cough]HTC One M10[/cough]. Users will also will have the option to use the premium or free version of Keeper.

Source: Maket Wired.