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Samsung’s next Galaxy Unpacked event kicks off on Sunday night here in Australia, while we can’t all attend in person you can attend virtually thanks to Samsung’s latest app.

Samsung is pushing the VR angle for the launch, releasing apps for iOS, Android as well as through the Occulus VR app store. Samsung is offering two ways to view the launch on Android, either a traditional live stream, or using a VR headset – a cardboard viewer will work.

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When the event goes live, you’ll be able to choose from one of four camera locations in the venue: stage left, stage right or from centre stage.

As well as on mobile, Samsung will be streaming the event for people to watch on desktops through the Galaxy Unpacked website with access to all the same 360° views you’ll find on mobile. The page will just embedding a live stream YouTube link from the Samsung Mobile channel, so you can always head there if you want to watch it.

To download the app to your phone and check it out, head over to Google Play, the app store on iOS or the Occulus store if you’re on a Samsung device with a Gear VR and search for ‘Unpacked 360 View’.

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Source: Samsung View-Unpacked.