LG G5 - Front-Back Render
As we get closer to the launch of LG’s G5 at Mobile World Congress the leaks both official and unofficial are coming thick and fast. Today we’re seeing a full front and rear render of the phone thanks to Evan Blass (@evleaks).

The renders show the dual rear-facing cameras that have been rumoured and glimpsed in lower quality a number of times as well as the rear mounted fingerprint sensor. The rear of the phone shows a slight line towards the bottom where the rumoured — and slightly leaked — magic slot will connect into the phone.

Here it is again thanks to Evan:

The source Twitter link has been deleted by Evan after what seems to have been a torrent of negativity. The internet can be a cesspool of vileness at times, so if you’re thinking about commenting negatively about something, remember there’s always a real person at the receiving end of that comment. Wil Wheaton says it best ‘Don’t be a dick’, if we all took note, the world would be a better place.

Personally, this render shows what a nice, elegant looking device the G5 is shaping up to be. The Magic slot is intriguing as is the dual-camera setup. I can’t wait to see this phone in the flesh as it were, and judging by the interest, the rest of you are on board too.

Source: @evleaks (Now Deleted).
Via: Android Central.
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Phill Edwards

I like it. The best phone I ever had was an LG G2. I now have a Nexus 5X which has been a big disappointment. It has a small camera bulge like the G5 but it’s not noticeable and even less obvious when you have a case. I’m really excited about the G5 and may ditch the disappointing 5X for it.


Elegant is definitely not a word I would use. Seems very dated IMO. Let’s hope it’s better in the flesh because I am not seeing the premium look or feel one would expect from a metal body.


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It looks like the Nexus 5X & 6P bulbous elephantiasis has been caught by another phone. Can anything stop it’s disfiguring spread? And after it’s parent looked so good too.

And on a practical front, the only switches, slots, etc. that can be seen so far is that long element on the lower left (joint microSD & SIM maybe?). I’m not seeing power, volume, or indeed speaker/headphone. Has anyone considered they might have moved from the back because they disappear?

Oh, and the battery (seen elsewhere) reaches about as far as the line under the time. Roughly 3000mAh in size.


What’s with the bulbous design 🙁