Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2016

We’re nearly there, Chris is on the ground with our photographer Rachel and amongst the techno-junkies the annual buzz around Mobile World Congress is in full swing. Leaks have continued to come thick and fast over the last few days and more manufacturers have joined the list who are teasing consumers with what is coming at their press events.

Samsung are at the pointy end of this list with their 7 days of Unboxing Videos which have been interesting, bordering on abstract art at times but well worth a quick look nonetheless. So far we’ve seen a child, a Llama, an ice sculptor and a metal worker – Today we see a recreation in his chosen art, what a pastry chef saw in Samsung’s viewing box.

With only 2 days to go there still haven’t been any big clues as to anything completely earth shattering with the Galaxy S7, perhaps we’ll see something interesting tomorrow.

Is there a profession you would like to see complete an unboxing?

Source: Samsung 7 days of unboxing.