LG announced their LG G5 earlier tonight, showing off not only a high-end, modular design but also a slew of new accessories and new companion devices as part of their LG & Friends line. LG has just released their official video showing off the phone and extra devices on their YouTube channel.

The video shows all the modular G5 accessories in action, and gives us a closer look at their 360° camera, rolling robot and 360 VR headset. The video finishes up showing off the Friends Manager software which will manage all these awesome new toys, and at a shade over 4 minutes it’s well worth a look.

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Is it impossible to have modular attachments that connect via USB-C? then I might trust they could be used with future phones. Right now I expect if I bought any that I would end up with expensive attachments that wont work with my next phone.


This is awesome but with the modular parts phone designs change. Hopefully these will be be compatible with future LG Gx phones.

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