This morning, many people in Australia are waking up to news from overnight of the launch of two of the bigger high-end phones this year with both Samsung and LG announcing the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge and the G5. The biggest question of course is where can I get them. Optus has this morning announced they will be carrying all these phones.

With a few weeks to go till the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge launch in Australia on March 11th, and LG still not ready to announce their pricing, it’s a matter of wait and see on specific plans. Optus has confirmed that they will be carrying all three phones when they launch, but beyond that, Optus isn’t ready to talk pricing or plans. Samsung is selling the Galaxy S7 outright for $1,149 RRP while the curvier brother, the Galaxy S7 Edge will sell for $1,249 RRP.

We’ll know more when Samsung and LG’s respective Australian arms announce carrier partnerships closer to launch, but if you’re an Optus (or Telstra) customer, the good news is that you’ll definitely have some options when it comes time to renew that phone contract.

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Yeah the price is going to make or break the Galaxy S7. Every year the phones just keep on going up. instead of offering (supposedly free gifts) just lower the price. I have always found that lowering prices is more of a threat to opposition models as most manufacturers sometimes are unable to match or lower their prices. I just cannot justify the cost of the S7 for me. I think I will just stay with the S6 edge +


So on release date the S7 32gb is going to be the same price as the S6 64gb when it was released. aahh cleverly done Samsung.


I have to say I was floored when the pricing was mentioned. Samsung’s phones are going to be very expensive this year, and I’d suggest beyond the means of a good many consumers.

vijay alapati

Hold till lg announces theirs


I reckon this sentiment will apply to all of the top tier handsets, especially with the value of the AUD at present. I need to replace my Nexus 5 and am (depressingly) looking at mid-tier handsets as a result.


Indeed. But they managed to sway me by offering the VR headset which I was going to get anyway “for work purposes” 😉
Luckily I have a spare 64gb microSD card around here somewhere just need to find the wee thing. If not for that I would definitely be looking elsewhere.