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Following recent news that Samsung Pay will launch in Australia this year, Samsung announced some more plans for their new mobile payment service over the weekend.

Without giving a date for Australia, Samsung’s announced that Samsung Pay will come to China in March and Australia later this year. They’ve also named Brazil, Singapore, Spain and the UK as further targets for launch, and have now added Canada to the list.

Samsung’s claiming about 5 million registered users for the service and a total transaction value of about $500 million in the first six months of service.

American Express has announced that they’re ready for Samsung Pay to continue its global rollout and will be bringing it to customers with Personal, Corporate and Small Business Cards, specifically naming the Australia, Canada, Singapore and UK markets.

The card issuer was first to market with something called Apple Pay last year (you may have heard of it, we’re not sure), and is pretty happy to be the only issuer in the market with support for both Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, which is already active in the USA.

We don’t have a launch timeframe for Samsung Pay in Australia yet, and American Express’ new Samsung Pay page for Australia isn’t giving anything away, but it looks like you should probably get that Amex card if you want to be ready for the service on day one.

Source: American Express, and Samsung.

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Jason Murray

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Princess Luna
Princess Luna

Finally! Hopefully it supports Bankwest, I’ve been waiting for years for them to finally get on board the NFC train.

vijay alapati
vijay alapati

Hey Ausdroid, What abt LG pay, did u get any info? or did i miss a article O_0

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