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Well, the final carrier of our three major players in the Australian telephony market has announced their plans for the Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge and LG G5 which were announced over night. While Optus will be carrying all the phones, it seems Vodafone will only be carrying the Samsung phones this year.

Vodafone were the lone carrier to offer the LG G4 last year, but have decided against stocking the LG G5. The Vodafone team are advising that they will be carrying the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge on their range, though obviously we’ll have to wait till launch for the plans and pricing information. Whether we see Vodafone offer the same pre-order bonus that Samsung is offering of the free Gear VR headset for pre-orders between the 26th of Feb and the 10th of March, is unclear, but we’ll find out soon enough.

Stay tuned as this week hots up as we get closer to the 26th of February and pre-orders for Samsung’s latest and greatest start to open.

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Matthew Webb-Johnson

Hmm please quote the source of this article as they are saying in their own communities website that no decision has been made and your article advises that they were the sole carrier to offer the LG G4 when they didnt offer the LG G4 at all and Optus were the ones offering the LG G4.

vijay alapati

Vodafone will change their mind soon, unless Sammy is playing evil


I had been intending to switch to Vodafone this year to take advantage of their options for roaming while travelling, and probably moving to a handset on contract rather than buying outright. Given that I’m interested in the G5, I guess that option is now gone. Boo.