Oppo didn’t launch any new devices at its MWC press event in Barcelona today, but instead announced two new head-turning innovations that it’ll be bringing to market new phones later this year.

Super VOOC Flash Charge

Oppo’s VOOC rapid charging technology has been well received by reviewers and consumers alike, with Oppo telling us back in September that their customers have been getting used to charging their devices in small bursts but keeping their battery near full.

The market hasn’t stood still since VOOC’s introduction though, most notably with Qualcomm’s QuickCharge standard already reaching version 3, and Oppo today announced the next evolution of its technology: Super VOOC Flash Charge.

Super VOOC Flash Charge is capable of completely charging a 2,500 mAh battery in 15 minutes.

That sentence is bold because it deserves a bit of emphasis – Super VOOC can almost completely charge your phone during a coffee break. It makes the word “rapid” seem like it’s been misused in years gone by.

Like before, Super VOOC relies on a combination of battery, circuitry, port, cable and charger to work its magic. Super VOOC will also work with current Micro USB and USB-C plugs.

Oppo says that it uses a 5V low-voltage pulse-charge algorithm that dynamically regulates current to charge the battery as fast as possible, while also ensuring the temperature remains low.

We don’t know which phone Oppo’s planning to equip with Super VOOC, but it’s likely that the phone will come with a Super VOOC charger and cable in the box like we’ve seen for a while now with the current version. Oppo’s also been getting better at getting extra VOOC equipment (even battery packs) out to consumers who want to, say, leave a charger at work so we hope they’ll be on top of Super VOOC accessories at launch.

SmartSensor Image Stabilisation

Oppo’s also firing a shot across the bow of in-market optical image stabilisation solutions today with the announcement of their SmartSensor stabilisation system.

Distinguishing itself from the current preferred lens-based method of optical image stabilisation, SmartSensor opts to stabilise the sensor instead of the lens with MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical system). They say it’s the smallest optical image stabiliser in the world.

Oppo says their new tech is more power efficient and more precise, offering effective pixel-level stabilisation with a precision of 0.3μm. They’re also touting the fact that SmartSensor can stabilise on three axis, handling pitch, yaw and roll in 15 milliseconds.

The new image stabilisation technology should allow for longer exposure times in low light settings and make for better, higher quality images in daylight.

Like Super VOOC, Oppo hasn’t announced which phone will be receiving its new SmartSensor technology, but we’re expecting to see something coming pretty soon.

Are you excited by Oppo’s new innovations? Tell us in the comments.

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Go OPPO. They seem to be the only smartphone marker at the moment showing any useful and practical innovations. Understandable their sales have increased dramatically over the last couple of years.