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Neologue Computing have announced an update for their mobile motion control app, Flickstart, adding customisable voice controls to the app.

Previously, Flickstart has been able to control a range of functions with motions, allowing you to take pictures with your phone, or change tracks with a flick of the wrist, with the new voice controls you can now enable a range of functions. The new functions include the ability to initiate hands free reading and sending SMS by voice commands.

Flickstart also allows for customisations, with the ability to design new functions and change the words you use for triggering actions.

When combined with their PC control app Flicknet, the voice functions add a new level of functionality by adding in various XML files through their PC app. There’s a list of functions that can be added on their site, which link to apps on your phone triggering tasks.

If you’re wanting to check out what you can do head over and check out how the new command flows work.

Developer: Neologue Computing
Price: Free+