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Holden Announces Another New Car to Arrive With Android Auto

holden spark
Last year we reported that Holden were looking to bring Android Auto to some of their 2016 lineup. Then in December of last year Holden confirmed that the 2016 version of the Holden Captiva would indeed arrive with Android Auto in tow.

Holden have now announced that their new “micro-car”, the Holden Spark, will have Android Auto (and Apple CarPlay) connectivity across the entire range. The car still comes with the standard MyLink infotainment system, a 7 inch touchscreen display but adds in the Android Auto connectivity.

Holden’s Executive Director of Marketing, Geraldine Davys, said Spark’s array of advanced connectivity features allowed it to perform as an extension of customers’ busy and social lives, whilst being accessible and well-priced.

Spark’s customers are a very social and connected group. They expect technology to work seamlessly, and that’s what Spark delivers.

Spark’s combination of the intuitive Apple CarPlay/Android Auto phone projection system and voice recognition software allows customers to continue their communication with friends or listen to music whilst enjoying their drive.

With all of Spark’s technology at drivers’ fingertips, they are able to stay seamlessly connected and entertained wherever they choose to explore.

Starting at a very budget $14,990 driveaway for the Spark it is good to see that it is not just higher end cars that are receiving Android Auto. As a user of Android Auto I can say that without a doubt it is heads and shoulders above the standard of Holden’s MyLink system (stay tuned for my review coming next week- hopefully).

Android Auto in my Holden Commodore SS-V Redline
Android Auto in a Holden Commodore SS-V Redline

We’ll be in contact with Holden to review the Android Auto system in the Spark when it is released (if only they had put it in the 2016 Commodore SS-V VFII, that would have been an incredibly fun review).


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Was in much effort putting the aftermarket headunit in your VF?


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