Wide angle of the pool deck

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We’ve been very lucky this afternoon to have had some time, one on one, with LG’s brand new G5. Not only this, but outside the confines of Fira Gran Via as well — sure, we took some photos around the MWC 2016 venue, but we’ve also ventured elsewhere around Barcelona for a few quick photos. Sadly, our time with the LG G5 is short; we’ve been given this phone as an indulgence by LG Australia because we convinced them how important it was to share some photo samples with our audience… and because we know that many of you will fall in love with this phone as we have. Even Rachel, who’s an adamant iPhone user, is enjoying playing with the G5, exploring its user interface and having fun with the various camera modes.

Without looking at the modular ecosystem surrounding the phone — which we can’t really explore, because we haven’t the accessories — the LG G5 is a stunning phone in its own right. It has an amazing camera module which not only takes standard photos with clarity, but it has a wide-angle lens which allows the phone to take some spectacularly wide shots of everyday life.

So, without further superlatives, let’s take a look at the LG G5 camera.

Here’s some outdoor shots in Huawei’s outdoor relaxation area. Seriously, Huawei’s booth was so enormous that it was the size of a small shopping centre, with a beautifully manicured outdoor garden and dining area.

Last but not least, we went to the roof of our hotel in central Barcelona and experimented with the wide angle camera, taking some photos in the standard angle, and then activating the wide angle lens without changing the position of the phone. You can see the results for yourself. They’re amazing.

Barcelona Skyline
Barcelona Skyline
Normal angle on the pool deck
Wide angle of the pool deck
Wide angle of the pool deck

I think you may agree, that last photo over the hotel’s pool deck, looking over Barcelona is just epic. The light was right, the colours amazing and yet restrained, and the way the G5 captured the photo itself was second to none. Even LG’s Gino Casha, here for MWC, agreed that it was a superb example of how the LG G5’s wide angle camera can capture some amazing memories.

Please bear in mind that these photos were taken with a pre-production G5, and while the recipe might change a little before the production units are made, it’s somewhat less likely that the optics / sensor will change much.

Anyhow, we’ve had to return the G5 now, and while our time with this demo unit was brief, we’re looking forward to a more fulsome review unit in the next few weeks. Thanks for tuning in!

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A+ camera

David Watt

I’m really torn. I have the G4 and love it. I want the G5, but the S7 Edge is very tempting. The bigger screen, the gorgeous looks….but the wide angle lens on the G5 is very appealing.

I’m so torn…


I love the idea of the CAM Plus for people that are expecting to go out for the day to take allot of photos (Like those on holidays) so I will love to see your input on that when you get a chance to try one out.


I’m hoping we’ll have this opportunity soon, though it might be a couple of weeks until Australian review units are available, and whether we get access to the various friends to try out with it remains unknown. From what we understand the Cam Plus module and B&O HiFi Plus module will (or should) be available at launch, but the other units might take a little longer. LG is definitely focused on having as much as possible available at or close to launch, though.

Andrew White

Really hope LG adds manual video control either in the module or on the phone before it is released.
If not, then the V10 may be a better and cheaper option.
Both have high end 32bit audio….hmm!


Are you single ?


You can probably update the comparison table with the f. correct? looks like 1.8 for the main and 2.4 for the wide angle?

Also, i think the second roof shots of the city have been swapped.


Yes, I was about to ask about this. Is the minimum aperture for the wide angle different to the tighter lens? Disappointing if this is the case but not the end of the world of course.