+ Thursday June 20th, 2019


Google has announced that their Cloud Platform team will host their own podcast, to talk about what new updates are being put through for their cloud platform along with new products the team are working on.


The podcast, which will be hosted weekly by Google Cloud Platform Developer Advocacy team, Mark Mandel and partner in crime Francesc Campoy. The Google Cloud Platform podcast will cover weekly news, as well as answer community contributed questions along with hosting ‘deep dives’ into interesting technical topics such as: Big Data, Kubernetes and HTTP/2. There will also be interviews with Google Cloud product managers – they recently hosted one with Ram Ramanathan about the Cloud Vision API and Chris Sells about the Developer Experience – and conversations with customers such as Shine Technologies to see how they’re using Cloud Platform in the wild.

If you’re interested in listening into the podcast, along with listening in on all the episodes already published as well as those to come from both from Mandel and Campoy, you will need to head to either iTunes or download it via RSS or open it in your favourite podcasting app.

Source: Google Cloud Platform Blog.

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