The crowd funding model is really popular and there are some hugely successful projects out there. There’s also a few ideas that really shouldn’t have made it beyond “hold my beer, I’ve got this idea”. Luckily one of the ideas for those of us who are endowed with plenty of toys, one of the ideas that has progressed well is charging stations. The Alldock was the first of these to really strike it big and now the Fishbone has done the same. A smaller footprint charging dock that will hold and simultaneously charge 5 devices, even higher amperage devices, with its max 7.8 amp output. The project launched in August 2015 and within days had achieved their goals, within a month they were hitting stretch goals also.

Having backed a few projects on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo, I’ve seen some really good and some really bad packaging. Thankfully for the presentation of not only the product but the parent company, the Fishbone falls in the former and a real highlight for me was the quality and presentation of the packaging; simple and functional yet clean and classy.

From there, you need to choose a good place for the dock to make it convenient to use and easy to access. Setting up the Fishbone truly could not be simpler:

  1. Grab the appropriate cables for the devices you want to charge – Any USB cable will fit
  2. Plug them into the back of the device
  3. Use the tracks under the charging station to run the cable to the slots

Once the Fishbone is ready, just pick a slot and charge your devices. I found that it was a little deceptive, because of how small the device is that initially I neglected to allow for the footprint of the devices I was charging. I still have my Nexus 9 which sits well wide of the charging station, I have a phone, my mobile battery which gets charged weekly, my phone and quite often a review device which fills the 5 charging slots on here. That says a lot about the flexibility of the Fishbone, the fact it can cater for something as large as the Nexus (or iPad if thats your thing…) and down to my iPod and mobile battery pack and the small footprint means it can easily fit in amongst home entertainment gear or as a stand alone item on your bedside table (as shown below).


The easy access to cables is an encouragement to “top up” charge your devices rather than simply overnight charge them, which is fantastic as it adds value to the charging station by increasing the battery life of your devices on a daily basis. This comes back to choosing a great spot for your Fishbone to make it accessible and convenient to use.

It’s important to note that a charging station isn’t going to be for everyone, to make it useful you really need to have multiple devices that require charging near daily. A phone, tablet, pocket wifi, smartwatch, kindle or various other review devices but if you do have 2 or more devices that require charging regularly or perhaps your kids have a device or two each you’ll find that the Fishbone will be a really valuable addition to your electronic arsenal.

You’ve got a couple of options to get your hands on one of these:

  1. Head to their webpage and order one
  2. Comment on this post (keep it clean please) and we’ll choose 2 comments at random to be the lucky recipients of a Fishbone Charging Station.

Tell us in the comments below what you think is the most positive way you’ll be able to utilise the Fishbone and you just might win one (of the two) that we have to give away.

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I really want this


It is certainly an interesting design.

Ryan Rashid

I was planning on building my own dock, but, this would make things much easier 🙂


is the ultimate and best charging station!

(I)t keeps all your cables organised and has a

(S)leek and modern look!

(H)ow many times I have misplaced a charger or lost a USB cable?


(O)ne too many times!

(N)ever again will I spend another minute searching for a charger.

(E)veryone needs and especially I – need a Fishbone Charger


Would love to try it!


Ohhhhh I want the power… So I can tell every one at work that uses my fishbone ” I have the power” channeling Snap ” and you won’t want that” ( that was a double snap attack)

Philby B

That would save the cables hanging on the floor where my one year old can access the cables and destroy them. She is worse than a mouse!!


Certainly clears the clutter on the desk, love it


happy to get one ,will make my life alot easier thanks
hope to win 1


The new Fishbone station, now with 7.8 amp output, I can roast my chicken from the inside out… way better than stuffing the cavity with a lemon.


Finally I’ll be able to charge all my Android devices all in one place and when the parents and brother come to visit they can charge their phones and tablets from that “fruit company” iDon’t care about 😉

David Wei

Got a chance to try my friend’s fishbone charging station and I was much impressed by its charging speed – handles my iPhone 6S, iPad and Android tablet at the same time without any pressure. Looking to get one for my own:) Hopefully, this will increase the chance for my wife to find her mobile every time before we heading out.


Can you share some more pics of the station from different angles please?


I love my Belkin Conserve Valet, but I often see Charging Slowly and she cant handle the tablets. This would make a nice upgrade.

Kathryn Henderson

Finally! A charging station for all my devices. No more panicked rummaging for the right cable while a device slowly dies. Brilliant!


These look awesome!


It would slightly increase the chance my wife could find her phone right before we need to head out…

David Wei

I couldn’t agree more.


An iPad, an Android tablet, Nexus 6p, and two Lume Cubes to hang off the side, that will just max out the ports.

Frankie Frech

Yes please! The husband’s and my own devices take up so much space when charging at once.


I can see a use for this to be kept out in main living areas, and available for guests to use, you know the annoying ones who ask if you have a phone charger as soon as they walk through the door? I guess the only question is, how many of each plug type do you make available? Can’t we all just agree on one standard? Haha

Phil Tann

I don’t have any lightning cables in my house so iPhone users are out of luck! 🙂


Hmm, Nexus 7, Z3 Compact and battery pack. That’s 3 devices. I might be able to fill up the 4th slot with my old HTC Desire Z, but I don’t think my Sony Ericsson P800i will be slim enough to fit. Still, 4 out of 5 is a good result.


So it uses intelligent charging? Sending the appropriate amperage for each device? Is there any overcharge protection? What are it’s dimensions? Is the lead to mains power fairly generous? Are there a range of colours available? What’s the retail price? I guess I’ll have to look elsewhere for the information, but it looks as though it could be a useful product.

Phil Tann

Fair questions
Yes is has smart charging which also protects from overcharge.
I don’t have the exact dimensions, but a 9″ tablet hangs well off both sides of the device so it’s best to cater for your largest device vs the footprint of the charging station.
Mains lead is quite generous in length, 1.2 meters if memory serves.

Phill Edwards

I’ve recently watched one documentary and two full length movies about Steve Jobs. So clearly we’re both fans of his, or are just fascinated by his tendency towards sociopathy. We have so much in common already, I’d love to have a Fishbone just like yours.

Phil Tann

And under the Steve Jobs book is the Zombie survival guide 🙂 LOL

Phill Edwards

Funnily enough I went to see Pride And Prejudice Zombies recently!