If you haven’t yet tried Google Play Music’s All Access service, you probably should. Streaming radio is all the rage these days, and Google’s service is pretty good. With over 35 million songs that you can choose, on demand, at no extra cost, there’s an awful lot of music to get through, and you can enjoy ad-free radio, create your own radio, or do whatever you like.

I’ve been a GPM All Access user since the service became available and I love it, and I think you will too. However, it doesn’t matter what I think — Google thinks you’ll like it too, and because its MWC time (or rather, because it was MWC time) there’s a special offer on foot.

For new subscribers, you can get your first two months free, on Google, to really try the service out. If you choose to continue your subscription after the two months trial, you can do so for just $11.99 per month, or basically the cost of a coffee each week. It’s not much, and it’s a great service.

You can sign up for Google’s promotional offer here. Please note it is only for new subscribers though.