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Sandisk Android
Memory maker Sandisk has today announced some new, higher capacity models of their USB-Dual and Connect Wireless Stick are now available in Australia.

Adding memory to your smartphone without a microSD card slot has been a struggle for some users, but the range of Sandisk products offer options for almost every Android user.

The USB-Dual drives are now available in a 128GB capacity and offers both microUSB and full-size USB connectors so you can go straight from a PC to a smartphone with a simple change in connector which is built into the drive. The connection using microUSB is USB-OTG which is supported by a majority of smartphones these days.

Sandisk Ultra Dual-USB

The Connect Wireless Stick, which allows you to connect to the storage as a wireless drive using their app, Connect Drive, which is available from Google Play, offers a full-size USB port for both connecting to PC and charging the stick is now available in a 200GB capacity.
Sandisk Wireless Connect - 200GB

Pricing and availability for the drives has been announced with the 128GB USB-Dual drive available from a range of eBay resellers for $99.95, while the Connect Wireless Stick is available from Wireless1 currently for $299.

Source: Connect WIrelessUSB-Dual.